A 30 day fitness & wellness program which gives you the guidance, information and motivation to start 2024 on the front foot.

Combining elements of fitness, flexibility, endurance and meditation, the program is designed to offer the G+C Community a guided approach to fitness + wellness under instruction by industry leaders.


Christine Higgins is a gifted Spiritual Mentor and Intuitive Energy Healer who specialises and blends both Kundalini Activation and shamanism into her healings and wellness events.

She brings authenticity and humour to Spirituality to help bring a little light into people’s lives.

Her passion is to educate people on their energy and to help people create magic and abundance in their lives and to empower them to start living in alignment with the natural energies of Mother Earth, the seasons, the cosmos, and the lunation of the Moon.  

We are very excited for Christine to guide everyone through the more restful days of the Back on Track program. 

Eva is a performance dietitian who has worked in the clinical health care setting providing nutrition support to patients with a range of different diseases.

Eva is now currently working full time as a performance dietitian and is working with the Dublin Senior hurling team as well as individual athletes providing them with the education and skill set to maximise their performance and reach their potential.

Eva now trains and competes in Cross Fit where her own personal experiences have led her to understand the pivotal role that nutrition plays in performance enhancement, injury prevention and management, recovery from exercise and body composition. 

Seany is a G+C Ambassador and a true example of community. All it takes is to step foot into his state of the art facility to get the sense of community and support that embodies Back2Basics.

Back2Basics is a reminder that you can do anything you would like to… that your body and mind is capable of so much more than you think and probably most importantly that you do belong. It is a constant reminder of optimism and support.

Seany is the perfect to get you moving and Back on Track in 2024.

The Yoga Mara philosophy is simple… take time. Time to relax, refresh and revitalise. Time to Escape.

Led by Galway native sisters, Rachel and Hannah Healy, Yoga Mara aims to bring balance and calm back into the hectic lives of their guests through yoga, meditation, mindfulness, nutrition and inspiring conversation.

They offer a wide variety of classes, workshops, wellness escapes and corporate events. We are so excited to be working with Hannah and Rachel for Back On Track.