It is estimated the fashion industry contributes up to 10% of all carbon emissions on earth. As residents of this planet and as players in this industry, we want to do our part to clean things up and reduce our impact. High-quality, long-lasting products made from materials that are better for our planet and for ourselves, a sustainable, community-centric culture both inside and out, ethical manufacturing, partner + supplier codes of conduct, constant measuring, reporting and improving. 

The world’s best hoodies for the world’s most connected community. 

We started on a good-intentioned foot, but we know there’s so much for us to still do. We’ve been making great in-roads in our sustainability plans, commitments and actions. Our collections are at 35% sustainable and growing; we’ve invested in RFID technology to better understand the entire journey our products take (from inception to end-of-life); our social sustainability partnerships and policies are continuing to deepen and grow; we invest in better materials and more opportunities for recycling and we are proud to have invested in a AAA+ rated carbon portfolio.

We are now carbon neutral for 2020/21 and have begun to design our Net Zero strategy.

We are now carbon neutral for 2020/21 and have started to plan our approach to designing a Net Zero strategy. We are also on a journey to become a B-Corp Certified business. We’re collecting the information we need in order to make the right, most impactful changes we can. Read on to learn our work to-date, the current status of Gym+Coffee as a business with people + planet at the centre and the road we have ahead of us to be the kind of brand, business and citizens of the world we can all be proud of.


The past year has been a steep learning curve for us as a business and the work has been hard but necessary. 

A major goal for us is to become a certified B-Corp business. A B-Corp business is one that voluntarily commits to and meets high standards of verified performance, accountability and transparency on many factors from employee benefits to charitable giving, supply chain practices to materials. We’ll be measured on our entire social and environmental impact and that means taking stock of where we’re at now, in order to get to where we want to be.

Over the past year, we’ve collected deep data on our whole operation, assessing the carbon footprint of everything from individual products (for example, our Chill Hoodies) through to our energy consumption as a business to our team’s commuting practices.

We’ve completed cradle-to-grave life cycle assessments for our top three products and completed the same for our full product offering and operational expenditures. 

We’ve taken key steps in the areas of:

- Social Sustainability

- RFID Technology

- Carbon Off-Setting

- Packaging

- Supplier Codes of Conduct

- Employee Benefits and Policies

Keep reading to see where we are on our journey.


First things first: We needed to know where we were at. With the help of BeZero, we calculated our Operational Carbon Footprint through the measuring of our company overhead, an assessment of our full product offering and a deep-dive into 3 of our core products’ life cycles.

Our operational footprint takes into account factors like energy consumption in our HQ offices, employee commuting, and flights taken by staff and for the previous year, totalled 121 tCO2e for the company.

Head here to learn all about our Life Cycle Assessments.


So. All this benchmarking work got us to our carbon footprint. Which left us with a fairly hairy question of ‘What happens now?!’ Our next, big decisions as a brand and community are what to do with this information now that we have it.

Our first port of call was to action our Carbon Offset Strategy. We’ve invested in 6 unique projects across the globe that work to actively remove carbon from the atmosphere and support improved practices in areas where little to no sustainability regulations are in place. 


Investment in new technologies in traceability and packaging design is propelling us forward in our sustainability journey. From our 100% compostable delivery bags to our RFID (Radio-frequency identification technology) project, we’re taking tech seriously. Learn about the direction we’re headed in and what we’re invested in

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Social sustainability plays a huge role at Gym+Coffee. We take socialising pretty seriously and we want to be the facilitators of a healthier, happier, richer life. We’ve invested significantly in our partnerships, our sponsorships all the way through to our employee benefits and making sure our community has access to movement + connection. Learn more about our patterns and projects

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