We are proud to introduce The Crew, our most ambitious project to date. The Crew aims to tackle community, health, fitness and individual goals and provide a support framework to empower all those involved.


Co-Founder, Diarmuid McSweeney, discusses the motivations behind the Crew project, what challenges it is trying to address and what the 9 month programme is all about.


Meet the 8 brave participants who make up the group - their hopes, motivations, obstacles and fears as they embarked on this journey a few months ago.



Chapter 2 of The Crew focuses on identifying values, goal setting, sharing them with others and working on a plan to make it happen.  Our 8 brave participants have kicked off their journey and now it’s time for them to focus on what it is that will actually help them improve their lives.



Chapter 3 focuses on reviewing the journey so far. But it’s never straight forward, this workshop helps them recognise their achievements and their obstacles. Either way it’s growth and you can really begin to see a change in everyone in The Crew.



The final chapter of the Crew is here. The biggest project we have ever undertaken and after 9 months, it has come to an end. There are so many emotions and themes to summarise here, and we will in the coming days and weeks, but for now hear from the 8 participants themselves.


We launched the application process for the Crew back in January of this year. This project was inspired by feedback we were getting from you, our community. Covid and the trends that have developed as result have had a significant impact on all of us.

We knew this project would resonate with people but weren’t expecting close to 1,000 people to apply to be a part of the programme. While it was encouraging to see we had struck a chord with people, it was also devastating to see the number of people that needed help.

On top of the feedback and trends we were observing, there are also wider trends at play and huge amounts of research have started to come out recently which show really concerning experiences for a lot of people in their daily lives. Ireland is now officially the loneliest country in Europe, according to research recently published by the European Commission.

A massive 13.7% of Irish people said they feel alone most or all of the time. That’s tough to read but when you think of the knock on health effects of loneliness then it is even more devastating. The World Health Organisation has identified loneliness as our biggest health threat and that long-term loneliness could impact someone’s health as much as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

Hear more discussion on the same topics in the latest Gym+Coffee Podcast episode. Diarmuid sits down with Ronan Conway, a Team Development & Self-Development Coach. Ronan has facilitated all of the workshops for The Crew and has been guiding everyone through the program to discover their goals and their challenges to overcome.